how it started

Afrodite Swimwear was born in the US but has a Brazilian heart. 

The company started in 2020 (yep, in the middle of a pandemic) when co-founders, saw an opportunity to do something great for the Brazilian Swimwear industry in the US. Ana, who’s a brazilian native, could never find bikinis with the same quality, or - and let’s be honest for a second - with the same cheeky brazilian cuts that she used to find in Brazil. Tired of the boring styles and unflattering cuts, she then decided to bring her aunt’s handmade bikinis to the US every time she went back home. Her friends, who were also looking for something different and original, instantly fell in love with the designs and couldn’t get enough of the Brazilian cut (which is totally understandable if you ask me). After seeing how happy and confident her friends felt when wearing bikinis that enhanced their curves, Ana realized her passion is to help people to feel good about themselves. Afrodite 10 x Boring bikinis 0!


When deciding the name of the company, the founders wanted something that could describe their ethos and essence for the business, which is to create bikinis that reveal the love and beauty swimwear is to be. They then named their brand Afrodite (Brazilian Portuguese: ‘Afrodite’ (a-fro-de-che)) after the Greek Goddess ‘Aphrodite’, because what represents love and beauty better than the Greek Goddess of love and beauty herself? And BINGO! Message passed across successfully, wouldn’t you say?

What we stand for

Now, committed to making the highest quality bikinis with the best designs, Afrodite’s team works hard on bringing the perfect fit to make you feel your best self, ‘aka’ inner goddess, in one of their pieces. And when you thought it couldn't get better… all Afrodite pieces are socially and ethically crafted. I know, right? They thought about everything! The founders work directly with Brazilian artisans avoiding factory pollution and environmental harm, to keep this beautiful world glowing for decades to come.  Quality, style and originality never looked so good!

Afrodite founder

"We care about every woman being their best, and breaking the mold of how bikinis should be worn. Be you. Do you. For you. There is a Brazilian bikini for everyone." Ana Diniz

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