Handmade in Brazil, but what does that really mean?

True Brazilian Swimwear is about flattering cuts that contour to your body and offer a better fitting suit, regardless of your body shape. Brazilian swimwear is more flattering than a traditional bathing suit. Why? A traditional bikini can leave your bottom looking unkempt and saggy. Whereas Brazilian swimwear is designed with strategic cuts to lovingly hug your curves. This accentuates your best parts rather than cover them leaving you looking boxy.

Bikinis in Brazil got smaller in the 70s and 80s and the beaches in Rio de Janeiro began to fill up with them. As the bottoms got smaller, exposed skin area became bigger and women started to wax to ensure smooth, clear skin around the bikini with no tiny surprises poking out. But much to popular belief, Brazilian Swimwear can provide similar frontal coverage to a traditional swimsuit.